The Glamour Bronze Stick Highlighter

The Glamour Bronze Stick Highlighter

Highlighter! I love highlighter! (I say that about everything don’t I? lol).  I don’t have many highlighters and I was very excited to find the Glamour Stick Highlighter in the shade bronze which came for free with a Glamour magazine I bought some time ago. This highlighter comes in a gold and silver stick with black writing, very beautiful! The product itself is also amazing and is the perfect shade for me. The bronze shade is perfect for those of us with medium to dark skintones but they also had another lighter shade which would be more suited to lighter skintones. There is quite a lot of product in the stick so it will last me some time.

Clamour Stick Highlighter 2

This is a great day to day highlighter for me because of the shade. It gives me a beautiful glow without being too intense but I can definitely amp the intensity if I wanted to. I apply it onto my skin by either dabbing it directly onto my cheekbones and the other areas you would normally highlight or apply in on my fingers, warm it up by rubbing them together and then applying it to those areas. I wear it on it’s own but I also sometimes set it with a gold powder highlighter which makes it last longer. I don’t believe this product is available anymore because it came with the Glamour magazine which I bought some time ago but there are many other amazing options that are available for you. I hope you find the right one.


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