Blogmas Day 1: A Lush Haul

Blogmas Day 1: A Lush Haul

It’s Blogmas! This is my blog’s first Christmas (yeey) so to celebrate I will be doing Blogmas from today until the end of the year. In today’s post I have a lovely Lush haul for you.

My sister gifted me a Lush soap that she ordered from overseas a while ago before the company came to South Africa and I loved it. I purchased a few of their amazing products because it’s just the festive thing to do isn’t it.

Lush Haul 2

First up we have the Twilight Bath Bomb which has a stunning deep purple color. This has lavender oil and tonka for soothing and calming the mind. I used this one last night as part of my Christmas Eve pampering and it was very pleasant. I also picked up the Bohemian Soap and it looks and smells amazing. This one has lemon oil and glycerine. The last bath bomb I purchased is the Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb which has bright lemon myrtle, zesty lime and uplifting neroli fragrance.

I look forward to using the rest of my lovely Lush items in the coming days. This is the time to relax and pamper yourself and these products certainly help in doing just that. I love Lush because their products are handmade and natural. I can just feel the love. I do hope that you have certainly felt the love of God today as we remember that He sent His own Son to come and die for us in order to redeem us. I hope your day will be filled with reflection, joy, laughter and lots of food.


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