My 2018 Goals

My 2018 Goals

I love making goals because they help me to focus and have something important to work towards as the year starts. Here are my goals for 2018:


Be More Healthier: I recently wrote a post on how I plan to lose 20 kilograms (see here) and this is probably the most important goal for me this year. Being unhealthy and out of shape has held me back in a lot of ways and I am honesty soo tired of it so this is my year to change!

Improve my Audience Engagement: I hope to increase my following and engagement on my blog as well as on my Instagram. I don’t have a target number but I would love a significant increase by the end of this year.

Create a YouTube Channel: I have wanted to create my own YouTube channel for such a long time, even before I wanted to create this blog. I will definitely be working more towards this this year.

Be a Qualified Make-Up Artist: I love make-up and I have become quite good at doing it on myself but I have found a passion in doing it on other people. I am going to be studying towards this soon so I hope it works out well.


I hope that you also have important goals that you will be working towards this year and I hope that you achieve them.


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