Gem Squash Halves and Lean Beef Mince

Gem Squash Halves and Lean Beef Mince

Cooking healthy dinner meals can be a bit hard but I’m getting better at it. One of my new favourite dinner meals to eat is stuffed gem squash halves. The list of delicious fillings you can stuff them with is endless but in this post I will be sharing how I make gem squash halves and lean beef mince.



– 2 Gem squash halves

– Olive oil

– Chopped onions

– Curry powder

– Turmeric powder

– Lean beef mince

– Salt

– Tomato paste

– Black pepper



Boil (steaming would be best) the gem squash halves in salted water until fully cooked. Add olive oil and onions in a pot and sautée over medium heat until cooked. Add curry powder and turmeric powder to the onions and cook for a few more minutes. Add the lean beef mince and salt to the onions and cook. Stir occasionally.  Add half a cup of water and tomato paste to the beef mince once it has cooked and cook further. Place the beef mince in the hollows of the gem squash halves. Plate, sprinkle black pepper over them and serve.




Disclaimer: I share what I eat in order to provide my readers with ideas of healthy meal options that they can incorporate into their meal plans, if they desire to do so. I am not suggesting that they must have these meals in order to lose weight or to be healthy. These are meals that I love and that have been working for me personally. I am not a Doctor or a Dietician so you may want to contact such professionals in order to find out if these meal ideas will be suitable for your dietary requirements and health goals.

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