I Tried FitChef

I Tried FitChef

FitChef is a company that provides a selection of healthy individual meals and smoothies that can help you lose weight or to get your health back on track. They also have a variety of packages ranging from frozen meals, smoothies, snacks e.t.c. that you can purchase and eat over different periods of time. I heard about this company some time ago but I recently saw that some of their products are sold at Discherm stores (they don’t seem to sell the products on the online store) and I picked up one of their frozen meals and a smoothie to try. On this post I will be sharing my thoughts on what I purchased.

I purchased the Mediterranean chicken with roasted veg and quinoa for about R66.80 and it was soo delicious! This meal has roasted baby marrow, mushrooms, cauliflower and broccoli which I love. The chicken was tender and very tasty. I have nothing bad to say about this meal and I was soo pleasantly surprised by how amazing it tasted.  All I had to do was to heat it up for about five minutes. I also purchased the power smoothie for about R24.90 which is made with water, spinach, apple, pear, banana, lemon juice and lettuce. This smoothie was soo refreshing and still tasty even though it has spinach. I look forward to trying some of the other flavours that they have.

I love this brand a lot and I think what they are doing is amazing. I love that the portions are already measured out which prevents me from overeating but they are still filling. I personally think that these ready-made frozen meals, drinks and snacks are worth the money and they are great alternatives for people who usually buy takeaway because they are a lot healthy. I really appreciate the fact that they only use natural ingredients and that they do not use man-made chemical preservatives, colourants, additives or other highly refined ingredients in their meals. They also do not add gluten flours, starchy thickeners, sugars or refined salt to their meals.

You can have the meals for lunch or dinner and they also have breakfast meals that come in some of their packages. I would not stop cooking my own meals at home and eat these meals only but they are great to have whenever possible. I am planning on purchasing the 21 Day Challenge and I will let you know my thoughts on it once I have completed it.  The packages and individual meals are also available on the brand’s online store and they also deliver to most major cities.

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