Dinner Meal Prep: Chicken and Brocolli

Dinner Meal Prep: Chicken and Brocolli

I have learned that the key to eating well is planning and preparing your meals before-hand. I love meal prepping and on today’s post I will be sharing one of my favourite dinner meal preps.



– 2 Skinless chicken breasts

– Olive oil

– Barbeque spice

– Salt

– Broccoli



Cut the skinless chicken breasts in half and season with barbeque spice (or any other spice you prefer) and salt. Heat up olive oil on low heat (I do this to prevent the chicken breasts from burning and because I like to slow cook meat even when I’m cooking it on the stove). Place the seasoned chicken breasts in the pan and turn occasionally until cooked. Steam the broccoli and season with salt when fully cooked.

Pack the prepped meal into small clear containers and place in the freezer. I just easily re-heart the meal and have it for dinner.




Disclaimer: I share what I eat in order to provide my readers with ideas of healthy meal options that they can incorporate into their meal plans, if they desire to do so. I am not suggesting that they must have these meals in order to lose weight or to be healthy. These are meals that I love and that have been working for me personally. I am not a Doctor or a Dietician so you may want to contact such professionals in order to find out if these meal ideas will be suitable for your dietary requirements and health goals.

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