My Weight Loss Update – April 2018

My Weight Loss Update – April 2018

We have come to the end of April 2018 so here is how this past month has been:


The Change:

This month is more or less the same as March but my eating has been better and I have also continued to exercise when I was able to. I still need to improve though (story of my life).


The Reward:

I feel good and I am really encouraged to see how I will be as I continue in this process. I am encouraged by the weight that I have lost and I look forward to more improvement. People are starting to notice too which is nice.


I do not have much to say this month either then that I am not giving up, as I have said before. It is all about improving and celebrating the small victories, that is why I share these updates with you. I hope you are also trying to live your best life, it is worth it.

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