My Weight Loss Update – May 2018

My Weight Loss Update – May 2018

May has quickly come to an end and here is my progress:


The Change:

May has been such an amazing month for me. It has been very exciting to come up with healthy meals and I have exercised more in May then I have the past months. The key is to just eat well and exercise consistently.


The Reward:

I have lost an additional 3kg since the last time I weighed myself so my current weight loss is 6kg which is amazing. It has taken me a lot to get to this stage and I am soo grateful to God for it. I am in such a good state of mind and everyday is soo much more enjoyable.


I am really looking forward to doing even better in June and I encourage you to do the same. Weight loss does not happen over night but it does finally happen if you put in the work. Be patient and do not be discouraged.

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