Three Favourite Skincare Tools

Three Favourite Skincare Tools

Quality skincare products for the face and the body are essential to achieve or maintain good skin. The tools that are used to apply the products onto the skin are also important to get the desired effect from them. Here are three of my favourite tools that I love to use when I do my skincare:

 The Body Shop Organic Cotton Square Pads have to be my favourite cotton pads of all time. They are made in a square shape and they are larger in size than the usual cotton rounds which allows them to cover a bigger surface. This makes my make-up removing process a lot easier and quicker. They come in a pack of 50 which is great. These pads have two differently textured fluff-free surfaces that are ideal for lotions or liquids.

I recommend the use of some type of facial cleansing brush when cleansing the face to ensure that it is done thoroughly. I have the Sorbet Rechargeable Facial Cleanser which I love but I purchased the The Body Shop Facial Brush to use when I am travelling or at the gym because it is easier to carry and a lot more hassle-free. This brush is round and it has been shaped to follow facial contours. It helps my cleanser to do an even better job at removing all of the dirt from my face and to exfoliate my skin without being harsh on it.

An exfoliating tool is also a must when cleansing the body. I repurchased the Clicks Body Bling Nylon Exfoliating Body Pad which is a double-sided cleansing and exfoliating body pad that gently exfoliates the skin. The front of the pad is made of 100% nylon and the back is made of 100% polyester. These pads last for some time but they will need to be replaced at some point because they become less firm and exfoliating over time.


What are your favourite skincare tools?

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