My Weight Loss Update – June and July 2018

My Weight Loss Update – June and July 2018

The Change:

June was not a good month for me. I was not at a good place emotionally and my healthy lifestyle went out the window (I hate it when I do this). I ate soo much junk food and I barely exercised. I did try to eat healthy meals most of the time but I definitely indulged in pastries and burgers. The fact that I was not going to have lost all of the weight that I wanted to lose by the end of June made me feel even worse. Sometimes I am really excited about leading a healthy lifestyle but sometimes I just get so upset at myself for still struggling with the same goal. I got back in tract early July and I felt a lot better about things. I tried to at least eat as well as I could though I did not really exercise. I also tried intermittent fasting (we’ll talk about this in a different post), which was challenging but definitely possible.


The Reward:

I lost 1kg which I believe I lost in July because I did a lot better on my eating then I did in June. I was soo afraid that I had gained. I am now at 76kg from 83kg and I am soo grateful.


Trying to lose weight is not easy, at least not for me. There have been soo many ups and downs but I am sure that I will reach my goals by the end of the year.

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