My Weight Loss Update – August and September 2018

My Weight Loss Update – August and September 2018

Today I have an update on my weight loss journey. I did not post an update for August because I was going through a rough patch and my healthy lifestyle was not where it should be but I made some improvements in September. Set-backs happen sometimes but what is important is to learn from them and to make better decisions in future. Here is how it went:


The Change: I barely exercised or ate as healthy as I should have in August so I really made it a point to improve on this in September. I exercised 3 days a week for almost the whole of September which I am super proud of myself for because I have not done it before. I also kept a healthy diet for the most part. I have learned that the point is not to be perfect or extreme but to eat as healthy as possible most of the time. It is really important to figure out what works for you when it comes to the exercise routine and the meal plan that you will follow.


The Reward: I am now weighing 75kg which brings my total weight loss to date to 8kg. That is 2kg away from having lost 10kg which is soo amazing and encouraging.


I am determined to make the most of the remaining months of the year and I hope you will too.



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