The Bobbi Brown Skin Wrinkle Treatment No. 25

The Bobbi Brown Skin Wrinkle Treatment No. 25

It is important for me to have anti-aging products in my skincare routine. I recently included the Bobbi Brown Skin Wrinkle Treatment No. 25 into my routine in order to remedy and prevent signs of aging. I have a few lines on the top part of the bridge of my nose as well as laugh lines which I would like to minimize and prevent from getting worse. I also have a few lines on my forehead which I have had from a young age so they are not a result of aging but I wanted a product that will still be able to minimize them. The Skin Wrinkle Treatment is a concentrated treatment which addresses visible signs of aging on contact. It is said to instantly fills in surface lines and visibly plump wrinkles for a smooth, even complexion. It also stimulates the production of collagen which is a naturally occurring protein that keeps skin supple, firm and bouncy. I have been using this Treatment for over a month now and it feels soo amazing on the skin. I apply 2 to 3 dabs with the wand to my skin in the morning and night before I apply moisturizer. It does leave my skin smooth and hydrated which is great. The lines that I have, as I mentioned, have not diminished but I do feel like it has slightly improved them. I usually see them more when I wear make-up because it tends to settle into them but I have not experienced that severely lately.

Bobbi Brown Treatment 2

This product is almost finished which is disappointing because it was expensive and I will not be able to repurchase it every month. This seems to be one of those products that you will need to use multiply bottles of in order to see a drastic change but I do not regret trying it out. I absolutely love the packaging that it come in and I enjoyed using it my daily skincare routine.


Which anti-aging products do you have in your skincare routine.

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