2 Top Performers from Makeup Revolution

2 Top Performers from Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution has recently launched in South Africa at Clicks and I was really excited to try out a few products from them. They appeared to be a much-loved makeup brand internationally. I purchased their Duo Brow Pencil in the shade Dark Brown which is very close to the color of my eyebrows making it the perfect shade for me. This brow pencil has good pigmentation and it is very easy to use. I love for my eyebrows to still look like actual eyebrow hairs even after filling them in and this pencil allows that. I was nervous about the triangle tip of the pencil because I am not used to using it but it is easy to use. I love it’s sleek packaging and gold lettering. The spoolie brush that it comes with is really amazing too. I am soo impressed with this product. This pencil comes in 2 shades, the other one being Medium Brown.

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I also purchased the Conceal and Define Concealer in the shade C12. I decided to purchase a highlight shade because the other shades that they offer looked like they would either be too dark or a bit orange on me. The shade C12  is not as yellow as I prefer my highlight shades to be but it looks perfect once the rest of my face is done. It is actually very beautiful. I did a flash test and there was no flashback. This concealer blends out smoothly as well. I did have creasing under my eyes which is normal. All concealers tend to crease a bit under my eyes because I have lines on that area. It is more of a skincare issue than a concealer issue and I am working on solving that. Now I do use this concealer over my Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer because it is a highlight shade like I said. It has a matte finish that is not drying on the skin. I did have to let it dry a bit in order to help increase the coverage but I advise to not leave it for too long. I do this to avoid applying multiple layers of the product. It has a paint smell but it does not linger. This concealer comes in 18 shades.

I am happy that we finally have this brand in SA especially because it is soo affordable. I would love to try their Luxury Banana Powder and their eyeshadow palettes look beautiful. Have you tried any products from Makeup Revolution?

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