How I Avoid Overspending on Beauty Products

How I Avoid Overspending on Beauty Products

A lot of us have realized that we cannot go on purchasing every product that gets released no matter how beautiful it seems. It is important to treat yourself and to make sure that you have things that you need and some that you want to look and feel good. I think the idea is to be more mindful of our spending and to get the most from what we purchase. Here is how I am trying to avoid overspending on beauty products:


1. Attend to One Skincare Issue at a Time: We see a lot of these extensive skincare routines, which are great, but we can feel this pressure to add more products to ours to make it feel more efficient. A lot of skincare items I tend to want are quite expensive so I find it beneficial to attend to one skincare issue at a time. For example, I have some scaring that I want to get rid of so I purchased a couple of items that I am hoping will help me to clear them. I purchased the Pixi Glow Tonic and the Corium Skincare Lemon Brightening Overnight Serum (reviews coming soon). I then keep the rest of my skincare products simple and affordable. The next category of products that I will include into my skincare routine is anti-aging products. I just cannot possibly buy all of the products that I want all at once.


2. Shop Your Collection: I am trying to focus more on the make-up that I already have. I have picked out a few eyeshadow palettes and lip products that I will be using everyday until they are almost done. I also do not purchase a product that I already have in my collection. For example, I will only purchase a new foundation when the one that I already have is finished or almost finished. Of course there might be a few exceptions to this but it must be kept to a minimum.


3. Keep it to the Necessities: We can be easily tempted to purchase something because someone else likes it or because it has beautiful packaging only to find that we actually do not need it. For example, I will not purchase a hydrating face mist just because it looks pretty. I do though need a mattifying setting spray which is suitable for my skin type instead.


4. Save for Purchases: I have a savings account that I use to put money aside in case I want to purchase something that may be out of budget so that I do not use money that can be better used on something else. I have to make sure that I actually use this account for what it is for so that my finances remain in order.


How do you avoid overspending on beauty products? Is this something you are mindful of?

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