2 for the Base

2 for the Base

I recently purchased the Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder, which I have wanted from some time, and I am soo excited to have it in my make-up collection. I purchased the powder in the shade Blondie which is a lovely yellow shade which is exactly what I was looking for. This shade is suitable for light, medium and tan skin tones. It is translucent enough but it gives a gorgeous yellow tinge to the skin. I bake my concealed areas with it and it makes my skin look soo flawless and airbrushed. This powder is also very mattifying and I hardly have to blot my skin the whole day which is incredible. It also drastically minimised my under-eye creasing and my smile lines only appeared towards the end of the day, and even then they were barely visible. It brightens and disguises under-eye darkness which is amazing. It works just as well even when I just set my face instead of baking with it but of course you will see the most difference when you bake with it. This powder is perfect for glam looks that you need to last the whole day. I would 100% recommend it if you have oily skin. It is honestly a game-changer. This powder comes in 8 shades. It does have a scent but I do not find it as harsh as other people made to seem like it is. It also does not linger but if you are very sensitive to scents perhaps it would bother you. This is an expensive powder but it is just worth every cent.

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I have also been wearing and loving the new Nyx Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Coverage Foundation in the shade Cappuccino. This foundation is amazing as the reviews have been saving. It is soo lightweight and it blends beautifully on my skin. The shade I purchased is a good match for my skintone and it has great coverage as well. It stays matte all day and I only have to blot my nose a little bit a couple of times during the day. I honestly have nothing bad to day about this foundation. It comes in a amazing 45 shades and it is really affordable. This foundation is noncomedogenic (formulated to not cause blocked pores) and it is suitable for normal, oily, combination and sensitive skin types. It is also said to be waterproof which is a true claim because I have not sweated it off in this harsh Pretoria heat we are having currently. It also has very minimal transfer.


Have you tried any of these base products? What are your thoughts on them?

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