Life Management Goals/ Tasks

Life Management Goals/ Tasks

In today’s post I want to share a few things I want to get better at in order to enjoy life more and to make the most of the time. Here they are:


1. Put Away the Phone: I use my phone a lot but I have been trying to put it away when I get home in the afternoon and to not use it at least 30 minutes before going to sleep. It can waste a lot of time so it is beneficial to take time away from it and use it to think and take the day in instead of doing endless scrolling on Insta, as much as I love it. I also try to not look at my phone first thing when I wake up in the morning. Again, it is just a waste of time.


2. Prayer: I have said it before that spending time with God is really important and it is the most important “task” of the day. It will not happen unless I plan it and not let anything distract me from doing it. I really want to know God more and to listen to Him more this year. I am a better person when I am closer to God and the beautiful thing is that His arms are always open to receive me and you.


3. Eat Well and Move More:  I do not know if this one is a bit off-topic, but eating well and moving my body more is an important part of getting my life together. It just makes me feel good and contributes to my productiveness. My goal is to eat well especially during the week. I know that we all have varying ideas on eliminating certain types of food groups from our diet but keeping my sugar intake to a minimum and lowering my carb intake as well really benefits me. Unhealthy food makes me feel sick, weak and unproductive and I just do not want to do that to myself anymore. Treats are a lot more enjoyable when I do not have them often. Exercising is also very important and I try to do it 3 times a week. I think when we think about exercising we think that we should do these intense 2 hour routines, which are good if possible, but I find that just a short exercise session regularly also makes a difference and it encourages you to push yourself. I like skipping and doing squats most of the time and sometimes I do love to do a decent at-home weight-training session with a bit of cardio. I does not have to be all or nothing.


4. Save More Money: Saving money is something that we all should do but we do not always get it right or do it consistently. I find that using an account that I cannot easily access to save in is really helpful to make sure that I do not use the money that I save. Planning and limiting my purchases is also really important. I cannot possibly buy everything that I see.


Do you share the same life management goals/ tasks?


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