How To Get the Most of the Day

How To Get the Most of the Day

We all have good intentions of how we will spend our day and the things we can get done by the end of it. I hate finding myself at the end of the day and feeling like I did not fulfil any of my goals, this is even worse when this happens for a whole week or even a month. Here are a few things that I find help me out a lot in terms of getting myself in the right mind-set to achieve my daily goals and to not feel half-dead by the end of the day:


1. Start with Devotion: Spending time with God is the most important part of the day, though I do not always do it as much as I should. Fellowship with Him though prayer and reading the word is such a life-giving experience and I get refocused and encouraged despite all that I might be going through. I try to do this around lunch-time during weekdays as I have to get to work early but my goal is to try and wake up early for it so that I can get the direction and wisdom I need.


2. Take Care of Yourself: Oh this is another big one! My productivity levels decrease when I do not eat well and work our regularly. It is just how it is. Eating junk food makes me feel tired and my concentration is not as good. Of course I cannot use this as an excuse, I still need to fulfil my responsibilities everyday but it is soo much better to tackle them with a strong and healthy body and mind.


3. Take Care of Responsibilities Early: I feel like if I do not start to work on those important tasks during the early hours of the day it becomes a miracle for me to be able to make progress on them later on. I love writing up to-do lists so that I have a game-plan ready for each day.


4. Delay Entertainment: This one is linked to the one above. Wasting time on social media or other forms of entertainments does not help me in getting a move-on on that to-do list. It really helps to allocate time for this later on when I have at-least done one or two important tasks.


5. Rest: We should work hard but make time to rest as well. There is no need to work yourself sick because you will eventually not be able to have the energy to do what you need to do. Take some time to rest and enjoy what you have been working hard for. I am trying to take things one day at a time and tomorrow is another day to complete whatever task that I was not able to complete.


I hope you found the above helpful for you too.


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