New Editions to My Skincare Routine

New Editions to My Skincare Routine

My skincare routine changes often as I love to try new items to improve my skin. I go through an entire product before I purchase anything similar to it to make sure that I property test it out on my skin and avoid spending unnecessarily. My recent purchases have been skincare products which should always be a priority over make-up, though I obviously still love it. Here are a few new editions to my skincare routine:

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I much prefer using a cleansing balm to remove make-up but there is still a time and a place for a good micellar water in my routine. Pond’s keeps on releasing very innovative products that I just cannot seem to pass up and one such new product from the brand is their Flawless Radiance Brightening Micellar Water. I purchased the travel sized bottle of this Micellar Water and I have used it a couple of times and it removed my make-up well, as expected. I usually like to use it to remove eyeshadow fall-out after I do my eyeshadow looks. This Micellar Water is not the usual kind because it also helps to brighten the skin. It is suitable for all over the face and it is for all skin types.

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Eucerin is one of my favourite skincare brands and I am always excited to try products from them. The DermoPurifyer Blemish-Prone Skin Oil Control Renewal Treatment is the latest product that I have been testing out from the brand. This product helps to unclog pores and resurface the skin because it has glycolic, salicylic and polyhydroxy acid in it. It has helps to reduce and prevent new blemishes from forming. It has a light texture that easily and quickly absorbs into the skin. I do find that my skin feels a bit dry after applying it so I have to apply a good moisturizer after applying it. I do feel like the texture of my skin has improved and I do not have as many clogged pores, especially around my nose area, since using this product. It also has a lovely citrusy scent.

The last step of my current night time skincare routine is a moisturizer and the Johnson’s Fresh Hydration Night Cream is my current favourite. It gives my skin a good amount of hydration and it makes it feel soft. I do tend to use a bit more of this product to give my skin enough hydration, perhaps because of the Renewal Treatment that I apply under it or my skin is a bit drier because of the Winter season. This Night Cream is for normal skin but it works perfectly for my oily skin and it does not make me any oilier. It has a gel-like texture and it also has rose water to leave the skin feeling fresh. I absolutely love it’s packaging as well.


Have you tried any of these products? What are your current favourite products in your skincare routine?

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